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On Line Registration

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Online registration is supplied by EnMotive.com.

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Team Captain enters a team name when registering.
Other team members select the team name when registering
No collection of paper entry forms and payments

For questions about team competition please contact info@oakapplerun.org


Teams for 10k Race

The Oak Apple Race Committee welcomes team competition, as part of the Annual Oak Apple Run. The race will take place on the streets of downtown Royal Oak and surrounding neighborhoods.

Team race information is available below. All Team member registrations must be submitted online or together by US mail or fax. Our team of dedicated volunteers looks forward to your participation in the Oak Apple Run.


Corporations are welcome to make teams of their employees to compete against other corporation teams.


Other groups are welcome to make teams to compete against other non-corporate teams.


  1. Each Corporation or Other division may have as many teams represent them as they wish.
  2. Multiple teams from the same organization should be designated alphabetically. (i.e. ROFD Team A, ROFD Team B)
  3. Teams may be all male, all female, or include both male and female.
  4. Each team is made up of at least three, and not more than five, members.
  5. The top three times on each team are used for scoring.
  6. A team captain must be designated.
  7. All team entrants must be employed by said corporation.
  8. All team entry forms must be submitted together at the same time.
  9. Pricing follows individual costs as indicated on the application.
  10. The captain and the rest of the team members will need to pick up their packets on designated dates as listed under the packet pickup information.


Scoring will be done automatically by Gault Race Management, using the  ChronoTrack timing chip, which is to be affixed to the runners shoe.


  • Awards to the Corporate and Other group teams.
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